The role of information technology adoption in the globalization of business buying behavior: a conceptual model and research propositions

Abstract of Research Paper

Purpose – Advances in information technology (IT) and the globalization of business are both realities and opportunities of the twenty-first century. 
This article aims to examine the role of information technology in the globalization of business buying behavior.

Design/methodology/approach – Literature and theory are used to develop a conceptual model of adoption of information technology (IT) and 
globalization of business buying behavior. Firm-level and global moderating factors are also examined.

Findings – IT adoption includes IT adoption by buyer and by seller and the compatibility of both IT systems. Globalizations of buying behavior is 
moderated by firm-level factors like perceived risk, digitizability and by task and global moderating factors like availability of alternative suppliers in 
buyer country, cultural distance and the political stability in the supplier country.

Research limitations/implications – The paper provides a number of propositions that can be tested empirically, and also extensions for training and 
skills for business buyers.

Practical implications – The correct choice of IT systems for compatibility with buyers and sellers can mitigate the negative effects of moderating 

Originality/value – The paper sets out the impact of IT adoption by buyer and seller firms and its impact on globalization of business buying behavior 
in the twenty-first century.

Published in Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 22/4 (2007) 220–227