Contribution to Research Blog

This blog is primarily created for the research students. It aims to help the researchers in several ways. For example, it has video lectures in research methodology, research paper writing and APA style guide etc. It provides information on international conferences and provides a list of impact factor journals with their hyper links. Infact, it is focussed on management sciences and social sciences research but in future its scope will be expanded to pure and applied sciences research. In this regard, your cooperation and contribution to this blog will be highly appreciated. If you have any suggestion, any comment or any thing else about research then just share with this blog. Your information will be acknowledged in the blog. 
I would like to thank and acknowledge Mr. Muhammad Shoaib for his contribution to this research blog. Mr Shoaib is an Huygens scholar for master program in Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He sent me a mail with a link containing international scholarship guide. I visited that link. It was a great presentation on international scholarship programmes. I decided to post all that information in a separate static page with the title "Scholarships". This is a permanent page and any body can access this page at any time. Any body can share his/her research experience or any kind of research material with this blog.
For contributing to the blog, there are two ways. One is to subscribe to the and send e-mail to this mail group. Second is to sign up as a follower and give comments or suggestions. Your suggestions and comments will be incorporated definitely.