Global Management by Stress - a Commentary

Management by stress is good but it should be dealt very prudently. More and more companies have come to realize that many organizational problems occurred largely as a result of individuals' inappropriate responses to stress (Niven & Johnson, 1989). Globalization has changed the organizational management but this organizational change management should be within the framework of communication, control and counseling (Taylor and Cooper, 1988) .Three approaches can be used in stress management (Callender, 1989). These are: team building, management action groups and one to one development counseling. Managers when making decisions regarding the planning and implementation of organizational change, the stress factor must receive a prominent place on the change management agenda (McHugh, 1997). If organization development is to achieve the objective of improving organizational effectiveness, it is essential that companies adopt a proactive and preventive approach to stress management. Such an approach would reduce the costs of stress which result directly from organization development and, additionally, the costs of previously existing stress factors such as high labour turnover, absenteeism and reduced productivity (McHugh and Brennan, 1992).

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