Systems, Sustainability and Society - a commentary

It has been clear that a good management should have something more than the efficiency, effectiveness and the identification emulation of best practices (Moir, 2001). Good management should consider the culture, social policy and emerging global realities alongwith efficacy and sustainability of commercial enterprise (MIT Sloan). There have long been conflicting expectations of the nature of companies’ responsibilities to society (Moir, 2001). However, for those businesses that do undertake what might be termed “corporate social responsibility”, what is actually socially responsible behavior as opposed to management of corporate image management or other activity aimed predominantly at business benefits? From the decision-maker's viewpoint, the success of a social responsibility program rests heavily on a corporation's ability to create links in the public consciousness between the CSR activities of an organization and its performance to different stakeholders (Navarro and Martinez, 2009). The raising of a sense of CSR among enterprises who are supposed to assume such responsibility is subject to the material foundation of a society and the stage of social development (Sibao and Huaer, 2009). Organizations need to maintain both the external and internal integration. There are four critical dimensions – operational, social, emotional and intellectual – along which integration can be restored (Ghoshal and Gratton).

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