From Regional Star to Global Leader - a Commentary

No doubt that Jianguo is very competitive and sincere in his job and he has proved it but the thing which is needed now is to develop a global mindset. The most important attribute required for effective global leadership is not a new set of skills or experience, but rather a new perspective called a global mindset (Cohen, 2010). Rapid change in the organization’s environment resulting in uncertainty of goals in the issues together with continually increasing complexity of issues present considerable challenges on analytic and deductive modeling and knowledge acquisition approaches. The key function of a leader and managers in this situation is to form visions of the organization in the future (Pispa, 2003). In this way, IT can help to redefine the vision of the organizations and to make the manager’s global mindset. It is critical for top management and IT to agree on where IT is to provide leadership and vision, and where IT is expected to partner and support (Motwani et al, 2000). Top management should work with IT to translate the business vision to technical reality (Kalkan, V.D. 2008).

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