Crafting a Successful Manuscript

Crafting a Successful Manuscript: Lessons from 131 Reviews is actually an article published in Journal of Business Psychology (2009). The authors in this paper focus on how to prepare a quality manuscript by content analyzed reviewer comments from nearly 100 manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Business and Psychology over a 4-month time period (Nov 2008 to April 2009). This paper identifies areas of concern commonly expressed by manuscript reviewers and educates authors on the key elements of a successful manuscript. After analyzing 131 reviews, common themes were identified and then organized into the following categories: (1) introduction section, (2) methods and results section (3) discussion section and (4) writing.
The article is very useful for the researchers. After reading this article, researchers will be able to incorporate all the essential elements in their manuscripts which reviewers could desire for a good and effective manuscript. So reading is must.