Foreign Funded Scholarship Programs

Indonesian Government scholarships for Masters Degree Program, 2011
Indonesian Government has offered scholarships, under its scheme Beasiswa Kemitraan Negara Berkembang (KNB) or Developing Countries Partnership (DCP), for pursuing Master studies in various universities of Indonesia for the Academic Session 2011-12. The details are as under:

The scholarship aims:
1.            To promote deeper cultural understanding among developing countries.
2.            To strengthen the relationship and mutual cooperation among developing countries
3.            To contribute to the development of human resource quality

Eligibility Criteria:
I.             The maximum of age is 35 years.
II.            Has a completed four (4) years Bachelors Degree or equivalent.
III.           Has a TOEFL score of 450 or equivalent
IV.          Completes and submits the application form and must be nominated by the respective government.
 V.           If successful, while studying in Indonesia:
a.            Will comply with the Indonesian Government and host university regulations
b             Will not work or join any political activity
c.             Agrees not to change the place of study and study program selected
d.            Sign the statement letter prior to departure

Study Programs Offered:
The scholarship is offered to postgraduate students (Master Degree) to study at one of the universities in Indonesia for 3 years, consisting of one year of the Indonesian Language and Preparatory Programs and 2 years of Master Program with the arrangement below.

1.            Language
All lectures and thesis writing will be in the Indonesian language.
2.            Fields of study (be advised that not every university offers the following fields of study)
a.            Humanities
1. Literary studies
2. Linguistics
3. History
4. Philosophy
5. Anthropology
6. Cultural Studies
b.            Science
1. Biology
2. Physics
3. Geography
4. Chemistry
5. Remote sensing
6. Computer
7. Mathematics
8. Statistics
9. Environmental Sciences
10. Public Health
11. Sports Sciences
12. Medical Studies
13. Pharmacy Studies
c.             Agricultural Sciences
1. Agricultural Economics
2. Agronomy
3. Soil Science
4. Plant Pathology
5. Entomology
6. Forestry
7. Animal Science
8. Veterinary Science
9. Agricultural Engineering
10. Food Science & Technology
11. Estate Crop Product Technology
12. Marine Science
13. Fisheries
d.            Social Science
1. Public Administration
2. Political Science
3. Sociology
4. Psychology
5. Economic Development Study
6. Management
7. Law
8. International Relations
9. Accounting
10. Communication and Media Studies
11. Community Empowerment Studies
e.            Engineering
1. Chemical Engineering
2. Civil Engineering
3. Architectural Engineering
4. Electrical Engineering and Informatics
5. Mechanical Engineering
6. Geological Engineering
7. Naval Architect Engineering
8. Environmental Engineering
9. Informatics Engineering
f.             Education
1. Education Management
2. Education Research and Evaluation
3. Social Science Education
4. Natural Science Education
5. Mathematics Education
6. Vocational and Technology Education
7. Out of School/Informal Education
8. Applied Linguistics
9. History Education
10. Instructional Education
11. Indonesian Education
12. Sports Education
13. Educational Science
14. Primary School Teacher Education
g.            Multi-disclipinary Studies
1. Performing Arts and Arts Studies
2. Comparative Religious Studies
3. Tourism Studies
4. Bio Technology
3.            Period of Study:
a.            Indonesian Language : 8 Months
b.            Master Preparatory Programs : 4 Months
c.             Master Programs : 24 Months (4 Semester)
4.            Research: 
a.            Research in the framework of the graduate program should be carried out in Indonesia.
b.            Should the research be carried in the respective home country, all the cost will be borne by the respective student.

Period of Study:
a.            Indonesian Language                     :                               8 months
b.            Master Preparatory Programs    :                               4 months
c.             Master Programs                             :                               24 months (4 semesters)

a.            Research in the framework of the graduate program should be carried out in Indonesia.
b.            Should the research be carried in the student’s home country, all the cost will be borne by the respective students.

How to Apply:
1.      Fill ONLINE Scholarship Application form from After filling take out its print (by clicking Print Detail Ini) and attach the required documents mentioned below:
a.            Attested photocopies of all the academic certificates / degrees/ transcripts.
b.            A TOEFL score certificate obtained within the last 12 months.
c.             A health certificate from a recognized / authorized medical doctor.
d.            A photocopy of Passport or National Identity Card.
2.            Fill HEC Application form and attach the copies of the same documents mentioned above. (Click here to download)

3.            Attach proof of payment with HEC application form only. All payments are to be made to HEC through HBL online facility. This facility is available in all branches of Habib Bank Ltd. A separate bank Account No. 17427900133401 is being maintained for the purpose. A Proforma for depositing funds is available at the following URL Deposit an amount of Rs. 300/- (non-refundable), in favor of HEC, as described here. Attach portion of payment receipt (in original) along with application form, without which your application form will NOT be accepted / processed.
4.            Do not attach both HEC and Indonesian Scholarship forms with each other. Keep them separate.
5.            The documents should be properly attached with the application forms and must be in tidy form.
6.            Send the application package to the address mentioned below before 15th April, 2011:
Asif Kaleem Malik
Project Manager (FFSP/Indonesia)
HRD Division,
Higher Education Commission