Scholarships in Korean University

Chosun University Korea is offering scholarships for international students for 2012 Spring semester. Important dates are as follows:

Application Deadline
November 30, 2011
Admission Announcement
December 30, 2011
Registration Deadline
January 31, 2012
First day of class
March 2, 2012

You need the following documents for admission:

Required Documents
1. Application Form for Graduate School
2. Self Introduction
3. Study Plan
4. Letter of Recommendation 
5. Request for Academic Credentials Verification
6. Check List for Application Documents
7 Diploma from undergraduate institution(s)
8. Transcript from undergraduate institution(s)
9. Diploma(s) from graduate institution(s) - Doctorate Only
10. Transcript from graduate institution(s) – Doctorate Only
11. Official certificate of language score(TOEFL, IELTS, TEPS, TOPIK)
12. A Copy of passport
13. 2 Photos(3.5cm * 4.5cm, Background color should be white)
14. A Certificate of financial responsibility over USD 10,000
15. Application fee
Below is the documents to submit additionally(Only Chinese Applicants)
1.      Copy of Citizen Card for whole family
2.      Higher Education Qualification Certificate issued by
3.      Original Copy of household register
4.      Certificate of Enrollment at Workplace & Certificate of Income

For application form and further details, visit the following links:

Link for Graduate Addmision

Link for Undergradute Addmision